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Martin Music_Denied Views_2
Martin Music
400,00 €

aus der Serie "denied views"
photography_serie 12_4*5 inch slidefilm, kaschiert & gerahmt
30 x 30 cm, 2012

Möchtest du alle drei Bilder aus der Serie "denied views" erwerben kannst du gerne in direkten Kontakt treten:

Martin Music, geb. 1976 in Linz; Lebt und arbeitet in Wien
Fotograf – Filmemacher – freischaffender Künstler
Ausgebildeter Starkstrommonteur und Fotograf
2000–2007 Studium Kunstuniversität Linz, 2002 bis 2005 Studium Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam
seit 2007 Freischaffender Künstler sowie Produzent, Kameramann, Cutter für TV und Kino

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The view has always played a decisive role in modern western art, and with it a role assignment to a subject, that locates his/her view, standing in front of the image. This proposition leads to the assumption, that the media world is configured for its viewing, as just as the subject only perceives and owns the world in the view itself. A view that throws the viewer ultimately back to him/herself.

Therefore DENIED_VIEW is an artistic strategy that focuses on the relation between image and the gaze, as the preconditions of identity. A photographic series of pictures, in which the protagonists cover their eyes and refuse the visual dialogue. Their view is directed inwards, expressed as a kind of introspect, and in a metaphorical way, seeks shelter in a world beyond all external perceptions.